When a biker sees a small dog being abused on the highway, he pulls over.

Biker Sees A Little Dog Being Abused On The Highway And Pulls Over

On February 14, 2016, Brandon Turnbow was out riding his Harley Davidson when he unintentionally saved the life of a mistreated puppy. He was driving to Cresson, Texas, to meet his father when he saw a small puppy being abused on the side of the road.

Brandon wrote on Facebook, “I was riding out and spotted a vehicle pulled over on 171 with an useless piece of garbage abusing an innocent little white puppy.” “I was watching in my rearview mirror when I saw this guy throw the puppy into the air and drive away.”

Brandon dashed over to see if the dog was still alive, which he was. He took him in his arms, wrapped him in his jacket, and walked away. Brandon couldn’t keep silent about what the dog’s violent owner had done to him. “All I wanted to do was give him a number one sign, so I went after him.” And now I’ve got a Co-pilot—Mr. DAVIDSON.”

Because Brandon’s other dog’s name is “Harley,” Brandon named the dog Mr. Davidson. Brandon was not only inspired to keep Mr. Davidson, but also to write a song about his rescue!

Mr. Davidson will be given a loving life by the brave savior. He pledges Mr. Davidson, as he does in his song, that he will never be put aside again. He also guarantees that the small dog will get his own pair of riding goggles and vest! Isn’t that lovely?

Mr. Davidson’s former owner had abused and disposed of him in such a horrible manner, and I’m grateful Brandon was there to save him!

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