While sitting in her car, the little horse steals the owner’s cappuccino

Despite having some major health issues at birth, LDumbledore the miniature horse has always been highly inquisitive. He had extremely low white blood cell counts, no kneecaps or stifles, undeveloped lungs, and a few other potentially fatal issues, according to his owner.

Thanks to his incredible caretakers in Brisbane, Australia, the miniature horse grew up to be healthy. In the video below, a young brown foal is safely placed in his owner’s car next to a green cappuccino. There’s no doubt that Dumbledore is focused on the goal.

The fluffy, brown miniature horse puts his mouth and lips on the top of the paper cup that belongs to his owner and starts nibbling, attempting to get a drink. Aiming to have a taste of the coffee next to him, Dumbledore inched closer and closer.

He bites on the cup’s side while moving his cute tiny snout around. His owner doesn’t waste any time and easily records his battle. The miniature horse is persevering and sticking with his taste test. The entire video is filled with his adorable nips on the cup.

Watch the video down below:


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