Firefighters in California rescued a German Shepherd after it chased a cat up a tree.

California Firefighters Rescue German Shepherd After It Chased A Cat Up A Tree

Firefighters are indeed amazing because they put their life on the line to save ours and our property. They manage to serve in less perilous ways, like as rescuing the occasional cat from a tree, no matter how busy they are.

They never know what kind of emergency may come their way next, but the call they received on this unusual day was most certainly a first for the department. The firefighters from the Lathrop Manteca Fire District in California responded to a complaint about a cat entangled in a tree, as well as a German shepherd dog.

A black cat apparently climbed the tree to escape the German shepherd. The endeavor, however, was useless since the dog followed it up the stairs. According to CBS Sacramento, they were now both stranded.

“The dog had chased a black cat up a tree and couldn’t find its way back down.” Engine 35 firefighters retrieved their ladder and assisted the puppy in regaining his footing. When the dog returned to the earth, they even gave it some oxygen.”

The firemen allegedly dropped off Santa, and then came the call to save the German shepherd. Fortunately, the dog recovered after being given oxygen and a glass of water. Hopefully, it will avoid trees in the future. Fortunately, the cat is also fine.

The fire department’s good-natured heroes took it all in stride and posted on Facebook:

“You’ve probably heard that our firefighters can rescue cats from trees, but what about dogs?!?!?” That was their next call, right after Truck 30 and Engine 35 dropped off Santa. We’re glad to hear everything worked out for this dog, and we’re confident he’ll think twice about chasing cats up the next tree…nice work, Engine 35!”

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