Three Whales Leaping From Water At Same Time Caught On Video.

If you’ve ever seen them in person, you know that whales are an imposing and breathtaking sight to behold. Witnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of a single whale leaping out of the water, also known as breaching, is a remarkable experience.

Can you imagine the sheer magnificence of watching not one, but three humpback whales breach in perfect synchrony? Don’t worry, you don’t have to imagine!

A family out fishing in Provincetown, Massachusetts witnessed an extremely rare spectacle when three humpback whales simultaneously leaped out of the water in front of them. Robert Addie was out tuna fishing with his three daughters for his birthday. While out, they mentioned that they hoped to get a glimpse of one whale, so they were all stunned when they saw the three whales breach at the same time!


Addie remarked he has seen humpback whales all over the world, but this was “something very special.” He added that the whales had to come from very deep and swim very fast to create this moment of “triple aerial ballet” as he called it. It really is an amazing moment and thank goodness he had his camera on so he could share it with the world.


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