This “heartbroken” dog repeatedly ran away from home to go to the grave of his dead owner

When the owner of a loyal dog in Turkey passed away, the dog frequently left the house but no one knew where he had gone until one day.

The phrase “A dog is man’s best friend” is a catchphrase that describes a dog’s loyalty and may be the most accurate description of dogs ever. The tragic story of Hachiko’s amazing loyalty to his master, even after giving up the spirit, astounded everyone. Evidently, Turkey saw a similar scenario!

Ismail Ztürk, a Turk, made the decision to take in a newborn puppy that had been abandoned before. The dog was attached to ztürk since he took such good care of him; he eventually gave the puppy the name Zozo.

On February 10, 2014, Ztürk decided to give up the spirit. His passing was mourned by many, including Zoza.

After Ztürk’s funeral, the family noted that Zozo regularly left the house and then came back after a short while. They never discovered Zozo’s activities.

Ztürk’s son Zafer paid a visit to his father’s grave one day. A strange figure was resting on top of his father’s grave. It turned out to be Zozo! The family later acknowledged that Zozo had fled from home to go to Ztürk’s burial since he missed the owner so much.

Zozo visited ztürk’s cemetery daily as a way of expressing his love for him despite the fact that he was unable to tell him how much he missed him. He is extremely loyal to his owner and is completely selfless.

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