Chevy the dog has a heartfelt smile that instantly charms onlookers.He is constantly upbeat.

Hi, my name is Chevi. I am an 8 years old Pomeranian currently living with my mom and dad in Kettering, Ohio.

Its owner, Tina Marcum Denlinger, claimed that his dog simply enjoys life’s small pleasures and finds many reasons to smile broadly.

Chevy’s mother told PFCO. “Everything is a memory.If we went for a walk, he would jump to celebrate. If there is food,he is also delighted. He is always happy.

When Tina’s mother most needed his smiles, the cheerful little puppy Chevy entered her life. Chevy adores outdoor adventures. He frequently rides in the front seat of his parents’ golf cart and always wears a hat to protect his eyes from the sun.

Everyone sees him…and he has a harness so he doesn’t fall. It’s like he’s on a journey or something.He is always very optimistic.

When we went to pick him up from the vet’s office, that’s where we first noticed his smile.
The doctor had the biggest smile on his face when he spotted my husband as they were being brought outside.
Chevy always has a smile that is larger than his own whenever someone sees him. Chevy enjoys eating bacon,driving golf carts, and going on camping trips with his owner. He never fails to make people smile no matter where he goes.

This dog has been invited to represent numerous pet product brands. Chevy’s owner reportedly admitted to PFCO that he occasionally loses his constant smile when he is sad, but that he promptly returns food with a big smile.

Chevy’s enchanting smile always brought his parents and anyone he met on the road with joy.

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