Something very interesting that distinguishes horses from each other is their unique colt pattern all over their bodies. It is true that the first thing that people look at is skin color that helps them recognize a certain breed immediately because there are also breeds who do not have those patterns over their bodies cause their color is unified.

Typically, the patterns are so abstract that I refer to them as a beautiful mess. The markings are distributed irregularly all over the horse’s body, but it looks very artistic and makes a horse easily distinguishable from other horses. The foal we’ll be discussing is unique in comparison to the others. I just mentioned irregular patterns that don’t mean anything, but this adorable baby foal stands out from the crowd due to a very distinct marking on his body.

A lot of people would say that it is photoshopped, but it is actually very real. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it for the first time, a horse-shaped white marking on his body, it looks like a mini horse pictured on a horse’s body. Let’s get to know this unique little foal named Da Vinci a little better. DaVinci was born at the Fyling Hall School close to Robin Hood’s Bay in the UK.

With sculpted topiaries, rolling hills, ivy-covered walls, and pony-grazed fields, the campus looks like something out of a Harry Potter novel. The Georgian stone manor house and burgundy school uniforms would fit right in at Hogwarts! Everyone calls him Vinny, and he has become one of the Flying Hall School’s most beloved horses.

Want to see more of this incredible foal ? Check out the video below:


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