The Story Of The Man Who Quit His Office Job To Rescue Horses.

Some people make acts of kindness only once or twice in their whole life and others like Sandesh Raju dedicate all their life to a great cause.


Sandesh was a French translator working for a big corporation until he decided to quit his office life and work hard to rescue Bengaluru’s horses. Sandesh worked in NGOs since he was a teenager and firstly his mission was to teach horse owners and caretakers how to properly take care of horses. Although he did a great job, he felt like he needed to do more.


He started rescuing horses who were mistreated or rejected. After this, a lot of people started helping Sandesh and horse owners even went to him to ask for help with their horses. People asked Sandesh’s help to care for animals he couldn’t afford to hold. There is little interest in helping working animals in India so it was very difficult for Sandesh and his organization to make a difference.

He didn’t have enough many for legal battles, so instead, he learned to work with the local communities. These connections supported him to deal with violent and careless owners.


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The project has its problems and Sandesh is conscious that his organization is at permanent risk so he needs help from all of us!

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