Brave Mare Protects Her Baby Foal From The Stallion.

One of the adjectives we use to describe mothers is overprotective of their children.

As every mother would say, their children are the most important things in their lives and of course, it is true for the fathers as well, however, the parent-child connection is stronger for mother in the way that they go through a lot in order to bring their children to life.

You won’t believe how similar the situation is with horses, especially after you get to see videos like this one. The mare in the video below named Bella is one of these overprotective mothers to the point where she won’t even allow the father of her baby, Demon to get close to it.

Yes, you might not believe it but it is true. As the baby horse gets close to her father and the father does the same thing, the mother enters between them and pushes her stallion away.

Little would one expect a mare to do something like this with the father of the baby. Everything would be more understandable if there was a stranger trying to get close to the baby but as long as he was her father, it is pretty weird. Well, it seems like Bella does no longer care about Demon since their baby Jewel came to life.

However, as long as Demon is Jewel’s father, he will always try to get close to his daughter and I don’t think Bella can do something about it so she has to get used to this fact. Could you ever imagine a situation like this one? If you really have a story of a similar situation, feel free to share the story with us.

It is true that newborn children always become the priority but not to this point when the mother does not allow the father to get close to the baby, of course, always referring to the horse world.

When I saw the video I thought it was just another horse in the family but when I read the description and found out that Demon was actually Jewel’s father I was shocked. Well, now you know, without even having to read the description.


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