The Heartwarming Scene of a Mother Leopard Guiding Her Cubs Across a Road.

A mother leopard was seen guiding her baby leopards across the road while traffic waited for them to cross.

64-year-old, Thinus Delport, had the opportunity to see this incredible sighting of a mother leopard and her two very tiny cubs crossing a road.

While traffic stopped and onlookers took photos out of their windows, the courageous mother first scanned the road for any signs of danger.

Then, she returned to her side of the road where her two baby cubs were waiting in the brush. She guided them along behind her while they crossed the road together.

Almost to the other side, one of the curious cubs turned around and started going the wrong way. The mother trotted out and picked up her baby, turning her back around.

The sweet leopard family made it safely to the other side and disappeared again. For the tourists, it was an exciting and unexpected moment.



Leopard cubs are known for being quite timid and shy. They rely heavily on their mother for protection and guidance during the early stages of their lives. As they grow older and become more independent, they start to develop their own personalities and skills.

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