A Man Rescues A Baby Fawn That Had Collapsed In The Middle Of The Road And Reunites It With Mother Deer.

Seeing an animal lying in the middle of the road when you’re behind the wheel and focusing on driving can be a pretty scary experience. You never know what to expect when you encounter such a situation, but it’s best to keep your calm and assess the situation carefully!

Steve Knoop/YouTube

When a group of friends came across a baby fawn lying in the middle of the road, they simply pulled over and did the most adorable thing. Steve Knopp was driving through a wooded area with his friends when he spotted the tiny creature. The fawn was motionless, and the men had no way of knowing whether or not she was still alive. He couldn’t just drive by and ignore the fawn, though.

Steve Knoop/YouTube

Rather, one of Steve’s friends, Paul, got out of the car and approached the befuddled fawn. The man noticed the poor animal was still breathing as he got closer. Barely! He even examined it, and the baby deer showed no signs of injury, so Paul assumed it was just tired and scared. Then he realized the little one’s mother was standing in the forest, watching.

Steve Knoop/YouTube

It’s when Paul has gently picked up the fawn and carried it to the side of the road for safety. The worried mother approached her baby shortly after, and the two were reunited. It’s all because of this good Samaritan. One of Steve’s friends captured the beautiful rescue on video.


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