Stray With Paralysis Slithered To Food When Woman Saw Him Suffering Alone

Animals in need face enough challenges. Finding sufficient housing, food, and clean water is already difficult enough. For healthy stray animals, doing so is risky, but picture how it would be for a paralyzed dog! It would not be feasible. A dog with a handicap, subsequently known as Kuya Bon, yet struggled to survive. After being hit by a car, his owner decided he was useless and abandoned him.

Kuya Bon’s callous owner couldn’t be bothered with a dog that needed so much care. He kicked him out of the only home he had ever known. By the time he was spotted by a kind individual, he had been on the streets for a very long time. He had to deal with so many rainy days, especially during the monsoon season. It’s a miracle he survived this long.

A kind woman saw the dog from afar and got a bowl of food for Kuya Bon. She went over to him and put the bowl down. She wanted to see how bad his legs were. Despite his struggles, Kuya Bon slithered to the bowl of food and ate happily. The woman knew he needed urgent veterinary care. She would spend her own money to help him.

The wife dialed a local rescuer while she awaited Kuya Bon’s x-rays. Knowing she couldn’t retain Kuya Bon and that he didn’t belong back on the streets, she begged for his assistance. Rescuer concurred. As we speak, Kuya Bon is getting better at the veterinary clinic. Where he ends up is unknown, but one thing is certain: he will never once more be living on the streets! Scroll down to view Kuya Bon’s rescue. He is now secure, and we are extremely grateful for that.

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