When Jillian went out collecting some garbage and noticed a dog staring at her in the dark, she felt she had to do something to assist it. Jillian claimed that the dog fled as soon as she noticed her approaching.

So, she talked to her gently which led the dog to stop and listen to her. Jillian added that the dog went away and came back the other day. So, when the dog saw Jillian, she kept quite a distance between them.

She also ran away when she was called but this time wasn’t far away. Jillian realized that the dog needed something so she went back to the home and brought some dog food and a bowl of water.

When she was summoned, she likewise fled, although this time she wasn’t very far away. When Jillian saw that the dog was in need, she returned home, got some dog food, and a bowl of water.

She left them in the corner of her backyard and walked away for some distance to see what the dog would do. So, the dog ate the food and still kept distance between her and Jillian.

The next day, Jillian put the food when she saw the dog but she stayed closed to the bowl when the eat from the bowl but instead of running away she sniffing her. After seeing that, Jillian knew that the dog needed a chance of love so she decided to make her a part of her family and named her Luna. What a happy ending.

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