Cop discovers a dog chained up in the rain and vows to adopt him.

Cop Finds Dog Chained Up In The Rain, Vows To Make Him Part Of His Life

Officer Michael Pascale of the New York Police Department was on duty when he came upon something he couldn’t ignore. A small dog was tied out in the rain in a public park. He was shivering and surrounded by broken beer bottles and needles. “Help me,” whispered the eyes peering up at the cop.

The police realized straight away that he needed to get the dog out of there. He transported the excellent boy to the Brooklyn Animal Control Center, where he was subjected to a required 72-hour hold. “I’ll be right back.” “Don’t be concerned,” Michael assured the dog. Then he emailed his wife about the puppy, and she immediately replied, “Bring him home!”

The cop would visit the dog as often as he could, and when the hold was lifted, he was eager to return Joey to his family! Michael promised, “Nothing like that will ever happen to him again.” It was the ideal situation and pairing — they were made for each other!

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