Nature’s ‘Accident’ Produces Beautiful Two-Faced Chimera Cat

Nature’s ‘Accident’ Produces Beautiful Two-Faced Chimera Cat

Meet Quimera, one of the internet’s most unusual-looking cats!

Quimera is a cute Argentinian feline. Due to her incredibly uncommon appearance, the lovely yet unique cat has attracted the attention of people all over the world. Her face is split into two halves, one of which is radically distinct from the other.

This two-faced kitten is just stunning. The one on the left is ginger-blond with a bright green eye, while the one on the right is jet black with a crystal blue eye. Her ears are black at the points, and her body is a tabby-sable combination of both colors.

Quimera’s unusual markings may or may not have resulted from her status as a “chimera.” According to National Geographic, a chimera cat is a cat whose cells contain two forms of DNA, which is created when two embryos fuse together.

Professor Leslie Lyons, who researches the genetics of domestic cats at the University of California, Davis, said:

“Chimeras aren’t all that uncommon among cats,” Lyons added. Most male tortoiseshell cats are actually chimeras. The cat’s mottled orange and black coat indicates the presence of an extra X chromosome.”

A DNA test is the only way to determine for sure if Quimera is a real chimera, whether it’s rare or not genetically. Despite this, she is a joy to behold and bears some resemblance to Venus, another well-known chimera cat.

It doesn’t matter if she’s a true chimera cat. She is breathtakingly beautiful, and her 90,000+ Instagram fans can’t get enough of her. She’s also a Facebook member of the chimera cat community.

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