Abandoned At The Park, A Sweet Pregnant Dog Is Rescued Just In Time.

She was found in the park this afternoon. Observing her pregnancy, the finder began to suspect that she was placed there.

She was hiding behind automobiles because she was scared.

In order to prevent her from having her babies on the streets, we raced over to have her secured.

Finally, she was able to transport her. Once they arrived at the rescue, her rescuers did their best to help her feel safe and secure. By then they named her Noel, set up a comfortable nursery for her to give birth to her puppies, and gave her lots of love and attention.

Now, all they could do was wait and hope she felt safe and would have an uneventful birth. Happily, when they checked on her the next morning, that seemed to be the case because Noel was snuggled in her new bed and wagging her little tail at them.

They didn’t have long to wait for her to give birth, either. Because soon she delivered five black and white and brown and white spotted puppies that looked just like their mother. The entire family was healthy and happy.


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