She Had To Hide In The Dark So The Sun Wouldn’t Scorch Her Skin And Fall Off

A stray dog, that was a product of her cruel environment, felt desperate, writes ilovemydogsomuch

She was covered in horrific wounds caused by a severe skin disease. Her skin was so red and raw that she hid in the darkest places– away from the sun and away from people. Her skin hurt so badly and it itched like crazy. She felt shame on top of being in pain.

On top of suffering from mange, the stray was also emaciated. Unable to feed herself easily, she had to search for food. This became harder now that the sun scorched her skin– and hiding in the dark was her only way to ease the pain.

When rescuers finally came to help her, she was petrified. She didn’t know who they were or what their intentions could possibly be. She ran away immediately and kept at it for an hour. No one could get close enough to catch her.

Finally, the rescuers from Animal Aid were able to corner her and bring her back to their sanctuary. They gave her a name, Lottie, and began her full exam. This is when the medical team realized that Lottie was incredibly close to death. Her skin was so bad that infection set in. It was only a (brief!) matter of time before she succumbed to her skin disease and died.

Lottie’s skin was so raw. No wonder the sun hurt her body! It was flaking off, ravaged by infection. She must have been in so much pain. Poor baby! (She’s also so skinny!)

Lottie began her mange treatment. This consisted of topical creams and IV antibiotics. She also received IV pain meds. This would make a huge difference! Plus, she would receive daily medicated baths. The baths soothed her skin and felt great!

Lottie made tremendous progress in a short time. Her new diet helped a lot too! Three weeks later, her “pain turned into play” (Animal Aid says in their video). Lottie’s entire personality changed. Her fur even grew back! The dog that hid from the sun, and people, began to smile!

She loved all the people at the center. She understood that they’re on her side, advocating for her well-being. She was no longer invisible. She was no longer suffering.

Dogs like Lottie are special. Each and every one of them! They may not realize it, but their lives matter just as much as any other dog living comfortably in a home. We are elated that Lottie is safe and loved. She will no longer go hungry or have to seek refuge in the dark. Bravo, Animal Aid! Bravo, Lottie!

Watch Lottie’s story in the video below! And don’t forget to do your best to advocate for homeless pets!

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