Sassy Belgian Draft Runs Towards His Owner Like A Boss.

The Belgian Draft below is not only beautiful but he also moves around in full confidence. His mane is an additional value to his unique beauty. However, he is a well-mannered animal as well. Whenever his owner calls him, he will listen and run towards him.

That’s what he is doing in the video below as well. The owner doesn’t even have to say anything. He simply needs to whistle and his beautiful black draft will get close to him. However, there are also other horses who are not as well-mannered. Some of them would fully ignore their owner and they continue doing what they like to do without any hesitation.

I remember the horse who was about to compete in a very important event but the vase with flowers stole his attention from the important event and all he had in mind was eating the flowers in the vase. At that point, nobody could do anything anymore to get his attention back. Despite having a lot of similarities, horses can also be very different from each other as well.

No food, tricks, nor treats were needed. And the love and trust between horse and rider are presented beautifully.


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