They are undoubtedly some of the most wonderful and special horses in the world. They have long, furry coats, thick manes, and they are also very powerful and active horses. Iceland horses are some of the horses who have never been mixed to any other horse genes and the result is a powerful breed that can endure Iceland’s harsh climate without a difficulty.

In the video shown below, you will see a beautiful Icelandic horse display his unique tolt.

Youtube/Stan Hirson

It’s almost unbelievable how an Icelandic horse is able to go so fast because they are not featured amongst the fastest horses around. Some people worry about their gait because they think that the horses were forced to perform that but the truth is that all the 5 gaits are natural and perfectly safe for them. This is common in many wild horses and they usually perform it when they have a rider on their back.

Youtube/Stan Hirson

Normally the Icelandic horses use the tolt gait when they are riding in long distances because it is less tiring for them. People who have ridden an Icelandic horse say that they feel like they are riding a motorbike when they tolt.


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