Meet The One In A Million’ Stunning Arabian Horse.

There are a lot of amazing horses out there who
make us feel happy and proud that we have them, so depending on the individual, there are a lot of people out there who see their horses as ‘one in a million; simply for the fact that they have had such a positive impact in their lives which is somehow difficult to explain. I like to call it a god-given gift that horses have to make us feel better.

Source: arabian horses/YouTube

l am pretty sure that at this point in your lives, you can’t imagine living without horses. Nevertheless, the ‘one in a million; term refers to one of the most talented horses in the world, Abha Qatar. Those people who had the opportunity to stand in the presence of Abha Qatar know what beauty is about. We know that beauty lays in the eye of the viewer and that greatness can’t be measured, but if the criteria for that is popularity and success than this
horse doesn’t lack any!

Source: arabian horses/YouTube

This World Champion was bred by Marieta Salas and in her opinion, he is the best colt she’s ever bred in her life. He started competing in 2009 won the European Triple Crown for colts the same year. He didn’t stop there and won the Scottsdale Reserve Champion Stallion and Las Vegas Breeders Cup Silver Champion Stallion. Next, Abha Qatar became the Silver Champion Stallion at the AlI Nations Cup for 2012, a European Gold Champion Stallion, and a World Champion Silver Stallion.

Moreover, in 2013 Abha Qatar was All Nations Cup Gold Champion Stallion and these days its offspring are winning major championships around the world. As you can see, he had a lot of success during his life as a performer and achieved a lot of notable success, all the achievements mentioned above make hinm one of the best horses to have ever competed.






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