Retired Police Dog Appears To Cry Happy Tears When Reunited With Her Handler!

A reunion always brings us the most beautiful, precious feelings in the world. A heart-wrenching moment to behold has occured in Henan province,central China when a former police dog met her handler for the first time after years of being apart!

To know a German shepherd is to love them. Their love and loyalty are unmatched. As working dogs,  they make the best partners. As pets, they make the best friends. For German shepherd lovers, there is no greater breed in the world.

As working dogs, they excel at law enforcement and spend their days alongside their handlers working to keep their community safe. They may even risk their lives for their partners and to protect those they serve.This creates a special bond between officers and their K9’s that grows deep and doesn’t end just because a dog is no longer able to serve the department.

“Police dogs are generally well-fed at the training center but our officers could not dedicate their time to play or exercise with retired dogs. They will be better looked after in a suitable family than staying in the training center.”

Although her handler could no longer work with her, he never forgot her. Wanting to visit his 8-year-old partner, while out on patrol one day in her neighborhood, he stopped by her home to say hello and this video was recorded of their sweet reunion.

As WangWang runs to him, it’s obvious that she remembered him too. Looking happy and healthy, albeit a bit older, the dog is ecstatic to see him and looks as if to be crying happy tears as she rolls over and offers her belly to her old friend.

He wrote of the reunion:

Wangwang’s hair is turning white but she is well-fed, she is getting fat,” the post reads. “It is always hard to bid farewell to your buddy.”

The dog was so happy to reunite with the police unit she loved to the moon and back. Viewers who saw the touching moment felt happy for the dog and the police officer. A user wrote: “The dog is welling up. Dogs are really loyal companions, please treat her well,” while another added, “You can tell how much Wangwang misses her handler. You can understand when the dog greets you belly up.”

We know that dogs are loyal and loving creatures, and Wangwang is an example of that. Please share the clip with your friends and family.


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