Little Miniature Ponies Enjoy Their Time Running In The Field.

Horses are very positive animals and most importantly, very loyal. A lot of people refer only to dogs as loyal animals, but horses can be as loyal and if not, even more, loyal than them as soon as you gain their hearts.

Furthermore, horses are herd animals which means that they prefer to be around other horses other than staying alone. That is why a lot of horses living in the wild might deal with a lot of problems when they get domesticated, they are used to living in huge groups of horses other than living in families with people. These horses that we have in the video below love living with each other and this is for sure. They sure know how to have a good time!

These adorable miniature ponies look happy
running around and playing in the fields. The cute little horses were caught on camera all running together in one direction – before turning tail and charging back again. The video was captured by Joanna Butler of The Miniature Pony Centre on Dartmoor in Devon. There are approximately 50 miniature ponies in the center and they love spending time outside.


They are all so beautiful and I would have loved to have been among them as well.



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