Puppy Mauled in Dog Fight Gets First Ever 3D-Printed-Mask to Help Save Her Life

The poor 4-month-old Staffordshire Bullterrier puppy was lately severely damaged and got a special 3D-printed mask.

Biomedical engineering students and veterinary surgeons at UC Davis created a 3D printed mask to be used as a cast for a dog’s fractured skull.

The small dog had a broken cheekbone, a fractured jawbone, and a dislocated mandibular joint. In addition, she had multiple puncture wounds on her face and neck. The poor puppy required a difficult surgery. Thank God, the veterinarian surgeons were able to complete the surgery successfully.

Loca tried on her new face mask, an Exo-K9 Exoskeleton designed specifically for her by varsity biomedical engineering students, after her surgery. Her jawbone remained stable thanks to the mask.

“Loca did extremely well throughout her 3-day hospitalization,” UC Davis School wrote on their Facebook page. “She soon began eating soft food and remained comfortable on her pain medications. In addition to the Exo-K9, Loca was fitted with a padded neck bandage to help stabilize her neck fracture and limit her range of motion while she healed.”

Loca was not allowed to do anything she would normally do as long as she had to wear the mask. She couldn’t chew on toys or bones, for example. She also found it difficult to eat or drink. She was fed a pap until her injuries healed completely.

Thanks to her mask the dog would get better soon and would continue to live happily.


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