6 Horses With Charming Colors That Make Them Unique

Horses are one of the world’s most beautiful and astonishing animals.  We’ve seen their strong bonds with their human owners and how they help out their own. But today we are focusing on something different. Their variations in colors are absolutely astonishing. Some of the following horses have colors you have probably never seen before.

1- Brindle is very rare and the results can be very striking in nature. But the color comes from an accident during development, where two color traits fuse together, so horses of this type cannot reproduce their color.

2- Dapple Gray. This color consists of a dark gray coat with dapples of a lighter shade.

3- Red or Strawberry Roan is known for its reddish flecks of color that are most concentrated on the main, tail, face, and legs of the horse.

4- Blue Roan. This Gypsy Vanner stallion has a unique blue roan color. The body shows flecks of blue/gray and the mane, tail, face, and legs are often almost black in color.

5- Grullo Duns are known for their tan-gray coats with a silvery sheen, dark mane, and tail, striped legs, and back.

6- Amber Champagne. The characteristics that distinguish a champagne horse are light eyes (usually amber), pink skin that is mottled or freckled, and body-color that is diluted. The horse below also has an amber mane and tail.

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