Police Officer Ditches Socks And Shoes To Save A Scared Puppy From A Dark Tunnel.

The tiny puppy fled beneath the canal channel after being scared by a car and got stuck in the pitch-black tunnel. She was unable to move until a police officer came to assist her.

Officer Joe Brazil is always ready to help, and he didn’t think twice about saving a helpless dog.

Peggy Edwards posted her heartwarming story on social media and it immediately went viral. When a little Yorkshire terrier got scared by a passing car, he ran off to hide inside a tunnel. The dog was so afraid, he got stuck in and was clinging to the side.

Although Peggy’s first instinct was to go in and save the dog, she was hesitant. She thought she might scare the dog and she would go in furthermore.

That’s when she got an idea. She decided to call the Woonsocket Police for help and a police officer named Joe came to the rescue.

When officer Joe arrived at the place, Peggy told him what happened and he was willing to help the poor dog. Before he went inside the tunnel, he took off his shoes and socks. When he came out wet, he was with the dog in his hands. Peggy was so grateful that the dog was finally safe!

During an interview, Joe said that he saw Cece clinging and shaking out of fear. So, the officer had to be very careful to not scare the dog even more. When he got closer to the dog, he let her smell his hand. After she was calmed, he picked her up.

It’s like Cece knew that the officer was there to help her and she was grateful for the rescue.

As it appears, the dog wasn’t stray. Michelle Perez was Cece’s owner and she was so grateful that her dog was found safe and sound. It appears that the dog was a present by her mother-in-law but somehow escaped.

Thanks to Peggy Edwards and the kind Officer Joe Brazil, Cece was saved from the terrifying tunnel and reunited with her owner. We are all relieved that Cece was saved and returned to her human!



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