A Loving Dalmatian Adopts An Orphaned Spotted Lamb.

At a farm in South Australia’s Barossa Valley, a Dalmatian dog stepped in to comfort a newborn lamb who had been rejected by her own mother in a beautiful display of affection. To the owner’s surprise, the affectionate dog ended up adopting the tiny creature. With their special bond, the adorable couple melted millions of hearts online!

Little Dotty was a baby lamb rejected by her mother. However, Dotty wasn’t like other lambs as she had a different look: she was speckled. The result was due to Dotty being a cross-bred mix of a pure-bred white Dorper ram and a Dorper and Van Rooy ewe.

After Dotty was rejected, John Bolton, her owner, noticed that his dog, Zoe, was happy to step in. The gentle Dalmatian took to the little lamb. And given that they were both spotted, it was a very adorable fit. Soon, Dotty and Zoe became an inseparable pair, and John was pleased by how wonderful a job Zoe did as a surrogate parent to Dotty.


The adorable couple quickly grew in popularity, and footage of them spending time together quickly went viral.


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