Norwegian Fjord Horse, Horse For All Ages.

The Norwegian Fjord horse originates from the fjord areas in western Norway. The Fjord horse or Norwegian Fjord horse is a relatively small but very strong horse breed in the mountainous regions of western Norway. This is an agile breed of light draft horse. All Fjord horses are gray with five color variants recognized by breed standards.

Externally, this breed differs from many other breeds in that it is compact and agile with a mix of draft horse muscle and skeleton. He has a strong, arched neck, strong legs and good feet, and a compact, muscular body. Despite its small size, this breed can carry adults and pull heavy loads.

The coat becomes especially thick and dense in winter. The natural mane is long, thick, and heavy, but it is usually in the shape of a characteristic crescent of about 5 to 10 centimeters, so it stands up straight and emphasizes the shape of the neck.

There is no upper or lower limit for height for the breed, but a height of 135 to 150 cm (13.1 and 14.3 arms, 53 and 59 inches) armored is recommended. They usually weigh between 400 and 500 kg. Fjord horses are considered horses regardless of their size, although some may fall under the traditional division of horses and ponies. Fjord horses are generally known for their good temperament, are resilient in the mountains, and are also healing animals.



With an instantly recognizable stature and hearts full of spirit and love, this distinctive cutie has captured hearts all over the world.


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