Moon the dog has a soft spot for kittens who need some extra TLC. And tiny tabby kitten Peg needed some serious love and care after losing a paw.

Source: @cute_moonbear/Instagram

At ten days old and weighing just 172 grams, Peg the cat required medical procedure to cut away a harmed back leg and part of her tail. The technique would spare her from the contamination that took steps to seethe through her little body and slaughter her. In any case, her young age made the medical procedure a danger in itself.

Source: @cute_moonbear/Instagram

Veterinary nurse and foster mom to Peg, Kate Hayes knew the choices were limited for the kitten. But she saw something shining strong and bright in the little one. A fierce will to survive. Surgery was the right choice for the little fighter.

Source: @cute_moonbear/Instagram

“The only choice we had was to amputate her leg sooner rather than later as her leg was so badly infected and had started to essentially die risking her going into sepsis,” explained Kate.

Being the youngest kitten to go through surgery at Warwick Veterinary Hospital, Kate worried about Peg. “I honestly didn’t think she would make it through surgery being so young and so small, but she did”.

Dr. Fiona Smith and her amazing medical team, which includes Kate, worked their magic and Peg came through surgery like “an absolute superstar”!

Source: @cute_moonbear/Instagram

Source: @cute_moonbear/Instagram

Home to a Doting Dog Foster Dad
Coming home to foster care with Kate, Peg found the perfect buddy waiting to help her recuperate. Moon the dog!

Taking care of kittens with Kate, Moon has proved time and again to be the best foster dad for babies in need of some extra love. “If an animal is crying or sick, Moon will stay beside them and cry with them. He has such a kind nature,” Kate shared with Love Meow.

Under Moon’s care, Peg has gained 60g in just four days and grows “stronger by the day.”


Feature Image: @cute_moonbear/Instagram


And thanks to the love of a good dog like Moon, Peg continues to thrive on her three adorable paws!

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