Monkey Takes In And Cares For Kitten As If It’s Her Very Own

Monkey Takes In And Cares For Kitten As If It's Her Very Own

While visiting Bali’s Monkey Forest Park, Anne Young captured an incredible moment. This monkey adopted a specific individual as her own…

The monkey adopted a tiny kitten!

She cared for the kitten as if it was her own baby.

And would always make sure to protect it from the other monkeys.

Passers-by are constantly taken aback at first glance, but they plainly adore one other!

They are inseparable friends

Nobody knows where this kitten came from or what happened to it, but it certainly has a lifelong caretaker. It’s incredible to see this monkey and feline not only get along, but also love and care for each other as if they were family. Mother Nature is wonderful!

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