The Owners And A Stolen Shih Tzu Were Reunited In New Jersey After 5 Years

Because of a New Jersey animal sanctuary that took the dog in and screened its electronic chip, a Shih Tzu that was taken from its owners in 2017 has been reunited with them.

Bandit’s adventure with them began in a terrible place, according to the Associated Humane Society of Newark: the senior canine was hungry, had matted fur, and was not doing so well in general. Bandit was in desperate need of assistance, which he received at a New Jersey animal shelter.

But, most importantly, what is the most valuable assistance? Is the name of his computer chip. AHS-Newark screened it and discovered that the dog’s owners had reported him and his computer chip lost a long time ago.

“When we contacted his owners, they were ecstatic to learn that Bandit, their dog who had been missing for nearly 5 years, had finally been recovered!” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

Bandit required intensive medical care while at the Newark shelter, including a visit to a cardiologist. According to the shelter, his owners gave him daily visits.

The shelter wrote in the post, “Finally, the day came when this gorgeous boy and his fantastic family were reunited at last!” “If Bandit’s family had not had him microchipped, this reunion would not have happened.” That’s why this happy youngster and his family have been together once more!”

The shelter is hopeful that Bandit’s story will serve as a good reminder to all pet owners about the need of having their animals chipped. “It might mean the difference between missing your animal buddy for the rest of your life or a joyous reunion!” says AHS-Newark.

In the not-too-distant future, the shelter plans to provide free computer chips and antibodies to pets of Newark residents.

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