Puppies Left on a Busy Road Are Quickly Saved

Although a litter of puppies appeared blissfully ignorant that they were perilously close to a busy road, Howl Of A Dog thankfully intervened in time to save them.

The puppies were discovered in a plastic box, and the rescue said that a cut plastic bottle with some water remaining in it had most likely been put there by the person or people who had abandoned the puppies.

The three puppies were the only ones the Romanian dog rescue discovered despite searching for their mother and any other canines that may have been abandoned.

Howl Of A Dog said, “It’s really unfortunate that some owners still choose to leave their dogs unmodified and discard the unwanted puppies, despite the fact that there are so many free neuter/spay programs presently available in Romania. The puppies were filthy and coated with fleas when we got home, so we immediately cleaned them.

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