On the 4th of April, the Metro Richmond Zoo announced the arrival of two Gray wolf pups.

Nitka & Voodoo’s first litter and all are males. One of the pups is black in color and the other is brownish-gray.  The colors common to Gray wolves are white,gray, brown,  black, or even a mixture of two or more !

Nitka needed a safe plase for her babies, so a few weeks prior to give birth,she was digging a den under the roots of a huge tree.  In this 3 foot deep den Nitka managed to give birth to her pups and Voodoo did everything to protect his family.

North America is home to the Gray wolves. They can survive in a number of habitats which include: forests, grassland, tundra, woodland, and arid lands.

Gray wolf’s howl can be heard from a distance of seven miles in wooded areas. In addition to this, they mate for a lifetime. The size of a wolf pack varies from 2 to 15. It consists of an alpha male, alpha females, and their pups over the years.

Upon the birth of wolf pups, their eyes are closed, and they are unable to hear. Thus, they require constant supervision initially. They also nurse from 4-5 times a day at this stage.

The puppies were ready for their physical examination 9 days after their birth. The brown-gray puppy weighed 3.8 pounds, whereas the black puppy weighed 3.3 pounds.

They initially opened their eyes when they reached the two-week mark. Assisting them with standing and walking. They were able to hear as well after another week.

The beautiful Gray pups are now safe in the zoo and people can go and visit them!

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