Meet Zack, The Unique Zebra That Jumps The Obstacles.

Training a zebra takes a lot of patience and handling. Even the simplest task like haltering and leading take a lot of time to perfect. They need regular handling, a zebra that is just turned out to the field and not taken care of properly will go back to its wild side.

Source: 4hoovesnstripes/YouTube

That’s why when we found out that there was a zebra who could jump, it really blew our mind. Most of you people don’t believe it if they haven’t seen the video, but this is absolutely real and this unique zebra can really jump! A 27-years-old woman from Texas, Sammi Jo Stohler has been working for more than 10 years to train zebras to work under saddle.

Source: 4hoovesnstripes/YouTube

Due to her courage and determination, she convinced everyone that zebras can be good jumpers, despite the fact that they are very difficult to take care of. We are so happy that people with such a strong will still exist! She and her zebra are living proof that nothing is impossible if you work hard for it!


“The beauty of a zebra lies not in its stripes, but in its spirit.”




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