Meet Icelandic Horses, One of the most social horse breeds.

One of these friendly horse breeds is the lcelandic horse breed, which is mostly known as lcelandic pony due to its size. Free to wander around the fields, which are equally as stunning to behold, this group of charming lcelandic horses was happy to walk right up tO some tourists who came to say hello. The amazing glimpse at the majesty of nature is something I’m sure the lucky guy filming won’t forget any time soon. It’s hard to say how many
they’ve come across, but I count at least 20.

You would expect such wild horses to get away
from the tourist as it is quite understandable that wild horses might not be used to humans but this is definitely not the case as they are all the opposite that you might have expected. Technically, they are not fully wild as there are a lot of people who temporarily take care of them so probably that is the reason why they get close to the tourists without any hesitation.


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