Meet Ippo, A Charming Zonkey Who Is Half Zebra, Half Donkey.

The zonkey shown in the video below is lppo, a charming two-for-one combination of the zebra and the donkey. Ippo was born in 2013 at an animal park in Florence, Italy.


Her parents’ unusual union happened when her
father, Martin the zebra, jumped the fence at his place and entered an enclosure sheltering
endangered Amiata donkeys. In that place, Martin met Giada and, twelve months later, tiny Ippo was born! Hybrids like zonkeys are very rare.

They mix various features from both parent species – their overall look is more like that of the donkey, but they have lined legs and tummies and a wilder character just like zebras. Sadly, hybrids like lppo are usually infertile because of various numbers of chromosomes.


Despite that, there are not any important health issues that have prevented Ippo from living a long and beautiful life. Due to her special story and features, she has become famous all over the world and many people go and visit her at the animal.


Unfortunately, like mules, hybrids like Ippo are often infertile because of different numbers of chromosome. However, there shouldn’t be any significant health issues that would prevent Ippo from living a long and fulfilling life. Given her unique story and appearance, she will probably be making a lot of new friends at her animal reserve in no time!




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