Mama Bear Takes Her 2 Cubs For A Swim In California In The Middle Of The Day.

A family of black bears proved that humans aren’t the only ones that like cooling down in the water by frolicking alongside swimmers in a California lake.

When visiting a lake in the middle of summer, the last thing anyone expects to see is a family of bears swimming alongside beachgoers. That’s exactly what Norma Alvarez and dozens of other people witnessed on the beach of Lake Tahoe in California.

The beachgoers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a mama bear and her two adorable cubs cooling off in the water in the middle of the day.It was a hot summer day, and the beach was crowded, when the unexpected visitors decided to cool off in the water.

The bears were just having some quality time in front of all the people who had gathered to witness the unusual scene. The kids appeared to be having a great time playing in the water, and judging by how they acted, it wasn’t the first time they had done so. Needless to say, they were unconcerned by the curious onlookers who couldn’t stop filming the adorable scene unfolding in front of them.

After a few minutes of splashing, the mother bear pulled her two young offspring from the water. It was followed by a short walk on the beach, as if nothing had happened and no one was there, before returning to the woods.

Check out the video below:


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