Cute 10 days old friesian foal running next to his mom at the inside arena.

In the video, we can see how in the beginning, they start in a small round pen. The handler guides the baby out of the stall to start getting him ready to be led. He happily trots after his dam, already more confident with each step. Within a few days, the mare and the foal have slowly extended their time outside and into a larger paddock. This is the most fun time to watch them, as the foal has started to kick up its heels and play.

Youtube/Friesian Horses

Friesian horses are incredible examples of the species. They are tall and big-boned. They are almost always black, ranging from a deep blue-black to an almost bay-black when they are shedding. They have thick manes and tails and perform well at whatever task they are given. These horses suit almost any equestrian.

Friesian horses are intelligent and can be rather wily if they are not working with an individual who has previous experience with horses. Still, they are quite gentle and seem to have a solid understanding of their large size and hefty weight.

Youtube/Friesian Horses

These horses are versatile. They can be trained in several skill sets. Thus, being very talented horses, you have to work with them from the very first days of life, to highlight the abilities that make them special. These adaptabilities, along with their availability and desire to please the owner, make them easy to work with.

Youtube/Friesian Horses

Caring for a Friesian horse is similar to caring for many other breeds. They need plenty of space to move around, and their thick manes and tails need a great deal of attention to stay healthy.

Overall, the breed has a reputation for being happy, loyal, graceful, elegant, strong, noble, and calm.


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