Little Boy Takes Care Of Newborn Belgian Draft Foal.

Belgian Draft horses look like they are scary because of their grand physique and their incredible strength. Although they were developed to do all kinds of heavy works nowadays people prefer more to take them on their farms just because they are adorable, well behaved and very easy keepers.

But in reality, they are among the most docile and kind animals you will ever have the opportunity to meet. All owners of Belgian Draft horses are aware of this aspect of their personalities, which is why they permit their kids to visit them.

In the video shown below, a little boy goes near a little foal and feeds the baby with a bottle of milk. All the mares have the tendency to become very aggressive when people or other animals go near their babies, that’s why they are also very vigilant and observe everything that goes near their babies.

However, the mare appears to be in a very relaxed state in this video and appears to be aware that the youngster is simply there to spend time with them and care for the adorable foal.


Kudos to the owners of these horses for taking such good care of them!

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