I am pretty sure that all of you have watched at least one performance on Youtube or TV and I really believe that the number of people who watched it in person is even smaller. You might be looking the same thing, however, the emotion that you get when you see such performances in person is way bigger than watching them home from a TV or computer.

Robert Piessens/Youtube

What is actually worth talking about is how much work does it take to be able to perform in a way that a lot of these talented jockeys perform. Horses need to be trained intensively so they can improve for the day of the actual performance, on the other hand, they have to get used to a huge crowd.

Robert Piessens/Youtube

History has shown that a lot of horses who were perfect performers in rehearsals failed to perform the same way during the day of the actual show simply for the fact that they got over intimidated by the huge crowds in front of them. Today we are going to talk about a very talented performing breed, Belgian Drafts.  Belgian draft horses originated from Belgium in the early 17th century. These days, breeders from all around the world adore these gorgeous horses and that love keeps the breed alive.

Robert Piessens/Youtube

A lot of efforts have been made by the Studbook organization in order to preserve this beautiful breed, but that’s not enough because these horses need the help of the people. What makes these horses so unique is their gentle character combined with their mighty appearance. Belgian Draft horses are known for their will to work and people like them because they are brave, lively, tough, and sensible.

Every time you see you watch them you can’t help it but follow their movements, it is totally captivating. What is also worth mentioning is the fact that they are all great representatives of the breeds. They are all one more stunning than the other.


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