Lady Strolling In Woods Came Upon A Bucket Of Puppies, Picked 1 Up By The Neck.

A woman and her friend were taking an afternoon walk when they heard cries in the distance.  They followed the sounds and were astounded by what they saw !

4 dogs, less than a month old,were all alone.

There was no mother dog anywhere to be seen. How could someone leave their puppies here like this ? The two ladies immediately called the local rescue organization.

The rescuers arrived quickly. A kind woman picked up each puppy to examine them. Thankfully she had a lot of experience with animals that were dumped like this and was eager to help them.

She saw that the puppies were being eaten alive by ticks. Poor babies ! Two pups were certainly skinnier than the other two as well.Their condition was very alarming. They put the puppies in a bucket and rushed them to the vet clinic.

The vet cleared two of the puppies to go to the rescue shelter.

He said they needed extra calories and treatment for ticks but otherwise, they were okay.


Two of the puppies had to stay at the clinic. They were severely anemic from all the tick bites and malnourishment. They needed extra TLC and blood transfusions.

We can’t imagine how scared these puppies must have been. They are so small and belong to their mother.

We are grateful that the rescuers took turns with two puppies at the vet while they were in treatment.

Two healthier puppies are already in their foster care and they are doing great.

The other two dogs are currently in the veterinary clinic, but they are getting better every day.

Blood transfusions revived the puppies. All are tick-free and have been treated for parasites.



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