Elephant Interrupts An Interview In Order To “Save” Her Caretaker From The Interviewers.

Many years ago, a cute video landed on the Web, with all the attention stolen by a jealous elephant.

Faa Mai the elephant was born in Thailand’s “Elephant Nature Park” and has spent her entire life being raised by her caretaker, a woman named Lek.

Faa Mai adores her human mother and has grown increasingly protective of her over time. This video captures her love for Lek in the cutest way possible!

Source: elephantnews/YouTube

This clip begins with Lek being interviewed by a television crew, during which she discusses her park experiences and abilities in detail.

Faa Mai appears to be chilling with her herd in the background, but this is far from the case! All the while, she’s just lurking around suspiciously, making sure the strangers in black don’t hurt her mother!

Source: elephantnews/YouTube

Faa Mai loses patience as the interview drags on, and she decides to check on Lek. She abandons her herd and sprints into the interview to assess Lek’s health!

She then wraps her trunk around Lek affectionately as she demands Lek’s attention and commands her to return to her.

Source: elephantnews/YouTube

Faa Mai’s possessive tendencies are well known to Lek, as the elephant always “hates it” when Lek looks after someone else. Like a perfect mama, Lek whisks Faa Mai back to her shed, instructing the crew to postpone the interview while she attends to her giant kiddo!

The video is a real hit on the YouTube network, reaching over 5 million views up to date.


This is beyond cute – she obviously loves her a lot!

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