Deer spots man eating apple and brings her fawn over for bite.

In a forest in southern Ontario, deer are unable to be hunted, therefore they have learnt to trust the humans who pass through.

They’ve grown to like one man in particular since he generously shares his apples with them.

They come out of the trees as they hear his first crispy bite.

Feeding wild animals is no longer considered a good idea. They must learn to be self-sufficient, and they may grow violent if they link humans with food.

However, with over a million views on just one of his films, it’s evident that people enjoy watching these kinds of human-wild animal interactions. And, let’s face it, they don’t come near us for any other reason than to get a nibble.

The videos of the Canadian man became popular in 2018, but a newer video from this year is doing the rounds as well. He seemed to be still at it!

The gracefulness of the animals in the two original movies seemed to captivate viewers. They weren’t asking for food, but they were content to pick up the shards he tossed their way with care.

“Wow, what a lovely, fantastic experience!” One commenter exclaimed, “That lucky, lucky dude!”

One deer can be seen in this photo looking over his shoulder to make sure he could be trusted before signaling to the other animals that it was safe to approach.

This is an unusual occurrence, according to the video caption, especially since the deer let their babies approach so near to the man.

“This man waited until the deer were close enough to approach before eating an apple and throwing the bits on the ground. The deer dashed over to give it to him. The most shocking aspect was that they also brought their fawns.”

Because a doe is fiercely protective of her young, the fact that she signaled that it was safe was an extra memorable moment.

“In order to protect their fawns from predators, does often bury them in the deep grass, often independently…

Fawns are always monitoring their mother, who communicates with them through a complicated sequence of tail and ear movements…

This man was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when she brought her fawns extremely close.”


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