Adorable Baby Monkey Gets A Bath From Her Foster Mom

Adorable Baby Monkey Scared To Take A Bath Finds Comfort From Her Little Stuffed Animal Friend

My heart melted when I saw this monkey taking a bath, and it melted even more when I learnt her story. Nala is a Black Cap capuchin who was saved by a veterinarian and fostered by Jennifer, who raised her as a newborn. Nala was given a teddy toy to keep her company while she was bathing. While she is being cleaned under the faucet, the beautiful monkey clutches on to the toy.

Nala is now, and has been for a long time, at a refuge with other monkeys. Jennifer claims that Nala was never a problem and that she was surrendered to the sanctuary since it was the appropriate thing to do. “I do not condone keeping a monkey as a pet,” she continues, before going on to say, “Aid out at your local animal shelters, be a foster to these babies who need your help!”

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