Icelandic Farmers Release Their Horses To Room Free In The Mountains.

Every summer in lceland, farmers release
their young horses into the northern mountains
where they’re able to roam freely. Many farmers believe this allowance of freedom helps the horses develop a sense of independence and strength they otherwise wouldn’t experience.

National Geographic/YouTube

But every following autumn, something even more amazing happens. The farmers gather up their loved ones and neighbors, then work together as a community to trek up to the mountains and bring the horses back to the farm. This tradition of herding these horses is called göngur. Göngur can be an incredibly daunting and exhausting task, especially for the older farmers – but these are people who are committed to keeping their traditions alive, not just for themselves and their livelihoods, but also for the beloved horses.

National Geographic/YouTube

I think that it is an amazing tradition as it not only gives horses all the freedom that they need but on the other hand, these horses are controlled by these people and are protected during difficult situations for them such as lcelandic winter which is very cold.




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