Friesian Horse Insists On Getting His Lazy Clydesdale Friend Up.

The two gorgeous horses from this video are lying on the grass and clearly, they are relaxing. Both of them are good-looking as you can see one of them is a Friesian horse and the other one is a Clydesdale horse. Without a doubt, they are having a great time together and know how to chill and get the most out of it. Suddenly, the Friesian decides to get up and wants the Clydesdale to get up along with him!


However, Clydesdale insists on napping and lying down a little bit more and maybe it is him “sturdy” body that makes him too lazy to get up. He huffs and puffs and it takes him forever to first pull one leg in front of him and then the other…and finally pushing himself up. They were actually both very lazy, but the Clydesdale seems to be a lot lazier than his Friesian friend. He definitely feels like it is the perfect day for a nap and nothing else.



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