Heroic Dog and Firefighters Work Together to Save Her Puppies from Drain Hole.

Not all heroes wear capes and it is proved by one mama dog.

A stray dog helped firefighters in Turkey save her puppies after they became stuck in a drainage canal in the town of Bodrum in the Turkish province of Muğla.

A local named Erhan Erol called the firefighters after he noticed the puppies stuck in the hole, which was slowly filling with sea water.

The firefighters were able to stop the water from rising, but couldn’t reach the eight puppies to free them. That’s when they noticed the puppies’ mother suckling another puppy nearby. One firefighter saw that her puppy looked a lot like the others in the drain and they called her over.

They then lowered her into the hole so she could pick up the puppies. One by one, she gently picked up the puppies in her mouth and pulled them to safety.

Really it was a heroic act by the mother dog and firefighters which saved the lives of the puppies.They were hailed as heroes by the locals.

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