If animals feel the love they will surely return this more touchingly. This horse will prove this fact. When the clever horse from the video below notices that his caregiver is crying he can’t just stay indifferent.

The woman was suffering as she got divorced recently and had some emotional bursts from time to time. And it was her horse who consoled her and made sure that life continued and there was no need to get so depressed.

Shania, recently gained notoriety on social media as a result of a brief video in which Shiner, one of the animals she looks after, consoled her as she started crying over her issues. sentimental.

The video was uploaded to TikTok with the comment, “We don’t deserve them,” and it depicts how the horse Shiner saw Shania was sobbing. He gently moved her against his body and put his head on her back, appearing to be hugging her and attempting to make her feel better.

In order to preserve documentation of her interactions with the animals at work and to better understand them, Shania constantly videotape herself interacting with them. We all experience unhappy days, though, and at that particular time, she was so consumed by her issues that she was entirely unaware that she was being recorded.

The day I was relocating was also the day I was getting divorced. Shiner, my horse, could see that I was only trying to hide from my feelings. He could feel my suffering, so he just took me into his chest, let me weep, and then gently shoved me to make me feel better.

Because TikTok viewers thought the horse’s lovely gesture toward its caregiver was so endearing, they did not hesitate to applause and praise the animal in the video’s comments. The video of the horse’s caring response to its caregiver quickly became popular on the platform.


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