The rescued lynx experiences freedom for the first time in 13 years.

Being an animal lover, I find it unacceptable to confine wild animals far from their natural habitats in little cages. Yet many wild animals continue to be compelled to endure appalling living conditions. Thankfully, some of those poor animals are finally getting to leave their miserable home after many years. Cleo, a Canada lynx, is another example of this. This majestic wild cat had never experienced freedom prior to being saved by the Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota. The 13-year-old pet animal spent her entire life indoors as a house pet. Fortunately, it all came to an end when Cleo’s owner called the sanctuary to tell them he was unable to care for her any longer.

“The owner claimed to have a male and a female lynx, he said. Tammy Thies, executive director of the sanctuary, told The Dodo that the other lynx had passed away. He purchased them from a game farm in order to keep them as pets. Wild animals should never be kept as pets, but they do leave an impression on people. “.

It was not at all simple helping Cleo adjust to a wild life. As a result, Tammy said, it is understandable that a lynx that had all four of its paws amputated, lived in a home, and had spent the previous 13 years there without leaving (aside from a few trips to the veterinarian), would be anxious about the move.

Cleo would need some time to prepare to go back to her rightful place, but she has come a long way already. I can tell she’s shy. She enjoys solitude, and it’s taking her longer to understand that she is a wild cat, Tammy continued. For the first time in 13 years, observe Cleo’s first steps outside!

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