German Shepherd Jumps In The Water Towards Dolphins After They Tease Him

Is there anything worse than someone teasing you ? Dogs don’t enjoy it either. A couple of dolphins started to get closer to Maverick the German Shepherd while he and his owner were sunbathing on the water.

It’s clear from Maverick’s intense stare on the dolphins that they are starting to annoy him. When a dog is teased enough, he will eventually snap and do something rash.

Maverick suddenly takes to the air and jumps into the ocean without any prior warning !

He wanted to play and swim with his fishy friends. The dolphins were simply swimming peacefully and without harming anything. Maybe the irritated dog wanted to join their swim team.

His owner called the dog to return to the boat since he wasn’t happy with him. He was able to be pulled to safety and out of the water by him.

This dog will not be intimidated by dolphins, that much is certain. Check out the entertaining video below.

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