German Shepherd Is A Curious One Befriends Playful Foal In The Barn.

The film was recorded on March 8, 2017 in Butler, Pennsylvania, USA when an inquisitive German Shepherd doggy become friends with an infant horse and occupied with savage play. Watch how rapidly these two bonded.

Rumble Viral/YouTube

This is what happens when a foal and a German Shepherd puppy meet in a barn, they have the cutest playtime together and instantly form a special friendship bond! All it took was a simple meeting in the barn between two baby animals for a beautiful friendship to blossom. Thankfully, this incredible moment was caught on camera.

Truth be told, both of them are now acting like they are the best of companions! These two four-legged buddies continue to play back-and-forth in front of the camera. Watching these two best friends in action has warmed our hearts!


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